Release v2.34

Check out what is updated, resolved and available for you in this version.

    CDN activated !

In release v2.22 we integrated a CDN solution. At that time we made it available on customer request and several customers activated this feature.  After 6 months we found it time to activate this feature for everyone ! This will increase your overal performance !


  My Account - Overview export

In release v2.31 we added an new export to get an monthly overview. In this export we now added a column to see which template was used for the different campaign(s).

More information can be found here


  Maintenance mode improvement

Although this is a development you can't get a grasp on, we found it useful to communicate that we have enhanced our application with a more advanced maintenance mode system. The system implemented is designed to keep the end-user impact as little as possible and allows us to better manage our maintenance windows.

October 2014