How do I setup default email headers?

Via the default text settings, you can set default from name, from address and reply address for e-mails, adapt the privacy policy text that appears when receivers click the privacy policy link on the bottom of your e-mails, and insert all your company information that should appear in the contact section of each e-mail.

  • The default message header will appear in the launch wizard when you start launching an e-mail. You can still change it at that point.

  • The contact information that you fill in here will appear in each creation that you base on a standard Addemar template, and is still editable in each e-mail separately.

  • The privacy policy text appears when the receivers of your e-mail click the "privacy policy" link on the bottom of the e-mail.

Figure: Default text settings pop-up

To fill in the default text:

Go to the My Account section and open the Settings folder.

Select Default text. The default text dialog opens up.

To set a default from name, from address and reply address: click the Message header tab. Here you can fill in all default e-mail fields that appear in the receiver's inbox.

  • From e-mail: sender's e-mail address

  • From name: sender's name

  • Reply e-mail: default e-mail address where replies to sent e-mails should be sent to.

  • To name: default name of the receiver of your e-mail, which appears in the To field of the receiver's inbox. The default value is the e-mail address of the receiver. You don't have to fill in anything unless you want to insert a specific value, such as a fixed wording e.g. "to all subscribers of newsgroup XYZ", or a reference to the real name of your receiver e.g. "<?first_name?> <?last_name?>". (Want to know more about personalizing?).

When you launch a campaign, the e-mail addresses that you have typed here will be prefilled. You can change it for each item in a campaign.

To adapt the privacy policy: click the Privacy policy tab. The privacy policy is the text that appears when one of your receivers clicks the privacy policy link in the bottom right corner of the e-mail. A standard text is available, you can edit it as you want.
To insert your company information: click the Contact tab. All contact information that is inserted here will be the default contact information on your creations. You can, of course, change the contact details at the level of an individual creation.

Click the Save button to confirm your changes.

Note: As this are text settings, a default for each language has to be preset. On each tab, fill in the default text for each language: click the language and fill in the fields that appear. Click the next language, fill in, etc. When you start a new creation, you will be able to select the language of the default text.