When I want to launch my campaign I get an spf warning.

1. What is an SPF record?
An SPF record is a type of DNS record which identifies email servers that have permission to send emails from your domain. This prevents spammers with fake FROM addresses from sending emails from your domain.

Note : you must have your own domain, e.g. 'addemar.com'. An SPF record won't work on domains like 'hotmail.com'.

2. Does Addemar check if I already have an SPF record?
To increase email deliverability Addemar always checks if the domain of your email address (e.g. info@addemar.com) has an SPF record.

Send a test email and if your SPF record is not set properly, you will get this message : "Addemar is not listed in the SPF record of your From email domain 'Addemar.com'. Please add 'include:spf.addemar.com' in your SPF record. Contact your system administrator."

3. How do I set my SPF record?
When you have not configured a SPF record yet, we advise you to let your system administrator configure a SPF record which includes all authorized outgoing mail servers. These include your own internal mail servers, but also the Addemar SPF record.

Practical : A standard SPF record looks like this:

yourdomain.com.       3600    IN      TXT     "v=spf1 include:spf.addemar.com ?all”

Your system administrator includes Addemar in your SPF record as follows :

"v= spf1 include: spf.addemar.com ?all"