Scenario building on click behavior

  • Can I use contact behaviour ( clicked, not clicked ) of previous campaigns to send out new campaigns
  • I want to send a new campaign to people who clicked on a specific link


What does it do?

In our application we have created a mechanism where you can filter on existing campaigns.

For example you want to send a campaign to all the openers of an previous sent campaign.


How does it work?

First you'll need to activate the account setting.

How to activate an account settings is described here. Search on 'campaign filtering' and activate it.

The filtering we implemented is done at campaign level.

Click the launch button to activate your launch wizard and go through the first steps until you arrive on the following popup screen.


In the To section of this popup, you'll to select  the following option in the first drop down, as shown on the screenshot above.

Once you have selected the action on Campaign item, you'll have the possibility to select a previous campaign and also on which action your current campaing needs to be sent.

In the above screenshot I choose a folder and item ( item = your campaign item ) and I want to sent the current campaign to the openers of that selected campaign item.

In the Action drop down you see the following options :

Action Perfomed : SENT, OPENED and CLICKED ( on a specific mink or any link ), FORM SUBMITTED

Action NOT Performed : NOT SENT, NOT OPENED, NOT CLICKED ( on a specific mink or any link ), NOT FORM SUBMITTED


Let's use a specific example.

I want to send out a email campaign to all my facebook link clickers inside my last campaign.

I use the campaign filters like shown in the screenshot below :


In the dropdown below the CLICKED option, you choose the facebook link.



This allows you to send out drip campaigns based on click behaviour of your contacts.