How can I adapt the content of a campaign and relaunch it?

  • I need to adapt the content of an already launched campaign and relaunch it again.
  • Can I adapt the content of an already launched campaign and send it to new contacts?

What does it do?

Our application offers a relaunch possibility, how this can be used is described here.

We also offer the possibility to reload the content of your 'adapted' campaign content and relaunch this 'updated' campaign.

How does it work?

You need to follow a 3 step program ! These steps are described below

Step 1 : Update the content of your creation.

Step 1 is pretty straight forward, you open your creation ( which was used in the campaign ) in the edit mode and start editing the content.

Once the content is finished you can progress towards step 2.

Step 2 : Update the content of the 'already' launched campaign.

Once your content is updated in your creation, you want to 'reload' the new content inside your campaign.

Navigate to our Evaluate -  Campaigns section ( is the campaign a recurrent campaign navigate to Evaluate - Recurrent campaigns ).

You search your campaign folder and open it up.

To reload the campaign content, you'll need open the edit popup of that campaign. Inside the actions tab click the  icon.

Inside the popup that opens, you need to click the 'Reload Online Version' tab.



If you creation is updated, you are offered a Reload button. Click it to reload the content.

You can now relaunch your campaign.

Step 3 : Relaunch the campaign again.

We need to distinguish between a normal campaign and a recurrent campaign.

A normal campaign can be relaunched like described here.

A recurrent campaign doesn't need to be relaunched, the new reloaded content will be used within the next recurrency cycle.