How do I relaunch my campaign?

When a campaign has been sent, you can relaunch it later without much effort.

You can also extent the publication period of the landing page via the relaunch button.

To relaunch a campaign item:

  1. Open the section Evaluate.

  2. Find the item you want to relaunch.

  3. Click the  icon.

  4. The relaunch wizard opens up, this is the same as the launch wizard. Every value is prefilled as you did while launching the first time. You can change what you want.

  5. On the "To page", select your target public. You can select the same contact group as for the first launch, but exclude contacts who already received the e-mail. You can also select another contact group, or formulate a query to select a specific group of contacts.

  6. If you don't want a contact to receive the e-mail twice, indicate the checkbox "Exclude contacts already sent to".

  7. On the "When page", define when the e-mail should be send. Click the  icon to select date and time on a calendar pop-up. Close the calendar pop-up by clicking the  button.

  8. You can do a test mail, but you can immediately launch to your target public too.

 You have now successfully relaunched your campaign.You can check the result inside the evaluate section of Addemar.