Create personalized direct marketing campaigns with Addemar!

  • I hate creating my emailings in one platform and having to create DM campaigns elsewhere?
  • Why can't 'print' be as easy as e-mail?
  • Why can't I personalize Direct Mailings like e-mail?


What does it do?

Our direct marketing feature allows you to create personalized, or merged as we tend to call it, print ready campaings. Just as easy as creating an email campaign and from the same platform! You can do personalized letters, post cards, ...


How does it work ?

Once the feature is activated it allows you to :

- create your direct marketing campaign

- launch your direct marketing campaign

- evaluate your direct marketing campaign

- define a FTP location where your merged PDF should be delivered.


Create your Direct Marketing campaign

In the menu Create, you should see an additional option: Direct Marketing. If this is not the case, please contact and ask them to activate it.

If you do see this option, you can follow the steps below and you'll notice they are very similar to the steps taken when sending an email.

At the top right, you can now click on 'new Direct Marketing'.


a. Choose a template

b. Choose a name, language, ...













c. Edit the content in the screen pop-up


















Feel free to use personalisation in the copy, in the same way as with email, landing pages and sms.


Launch your Direct Marketing campaign

This follows the normal launching process.

Click the Launch button in the upper right corner. The following launch wizard will show:

Choose your creation:

Add details per item:
In the Printers (FTP) menu , you can choose a printer location or you can make sure a download link is sent to an email address.

In Details menu you choose your contact list (necessary when you used personalisation!):

And When will make sure it is launched at a certain time and date, or available in an FTP location.

Test and launch!


Evaluate your direct marketing campaign

In Evaluate you'll Direct Marketing in the menu as well (under campaigns).

Here, the results we can show you are different then those of email. We cannot measure clicks, etc. But, should you have used a landing page as well, you can retrieve quite some information there.

For the actual Direct Marketing, you get a PDF link. This is the last launched campaign, but you also get 'tracking pdf's' whenever you might need older versions.
A preview will also be available.



Define a FTP location where you merged PDF should be delivered.

When sending the pdf's by email to yourself or your handler, the following steps are not required.
Only when you want to automatically place the pdf's on a location (FTP), you need to go through the next steps.

Navigate to MY Account – Printers ( FTP )

There already is one (empty) default printer defined in the test account, as this is necessary for the process.
You can add one or multiple printer FTP locations (when working with different handlers for different campaigns, etc.).

When you select 'add printer', the following window appears:

Name : the name of the location
Type : for now only FTP is possible (SFTP can be added in the future) .
Host : the hostname of the handler (your handler needs to provide it (example
Port : the portal ( the normal FTP portal is 21 ).
Username /Password : needed for authentication
Path : Location (in which folder) on the FTP server where the PDF's will be placed.