Our new Images & Files library !

  • Is there an easy way to upload multiple images / files  at once ?
  • Can I easily edit my uploaded images ?
  • Can I delete my files / my images ?


What does it do?

We have upgraded our Images & Files manager. This upgrade offers you the following :

  • Upload images made easy with a drag and drop system
  • Delete files directly
  • Edit your images with Aviary


How does it work?

The new Images / Files library can be used while editing a creation.

You will notice a change in the Library menu.

We have combined Images & Files into one menu item.



This Images & Files manager offers you far more features than the previous one.



( 1 ) Upload images and/or files and manage your folder(s)

( 2 ) Change the way your images and files are shown  :

  • Box view ( standard )
  • List view
  • Column List view

( 3 )  Apply filters upon your files and images to easily find the image and or file you are looking for.


How can I upload files / images

Uploading files / images made easy !

To upload images or files click the 'arrow'  icon in the top left corner of the new manager.



This opens a new popup screen as shown below.



In this screen you can simply drag and drop the files you want to upload and the files 'dropped' will be be uploaded.


How can I edit / delete my files

The new Images & Files manager offers you 2 ways of editing images and / or files :

 ( 1 ) Rename, deleting , managing images / files

Simply hover over an file in your library and you'll see a the action bar.

 You can now easily download, preview, edit the name and delete your file(s)

 ( 2 ) Editing images with Aviary

This new Images & Files manager enables you to edit your image with Aviary.

To access the editing mode, right click any image in your library to open the context menu.



To edit the image with Aviary select the ' edit image ' action.



The menu gives you tons of options to edit / enhance / crop/ ... your image.  You can play a bit with the different options.

Check out the avairy blog to have all the different features explained :  http://blog.aviary.com/