Test your creation continuously !

  • annoyed by having to launch your creation to be able to test it?
  • I simply want to test the design of my creation


What does it do?

You can test directly in your creation.


How does it work?

It's pretty straightforward: there's extra button added to the creation process. In the right upper corner ( when you are editing your creation ), you'll see a button.

Click it to test your creation and you'll get the following pop-up:



Fill in the necessary info. We need this information to provide a spamscore for your test.

Click send and that's it. You'll receive a test email at the filled in email address.

Once the mail has been sent, you'll notice a new button inside the upper right corner .

This notification provides you the information about your spamscore. To have more information about the score, you can click the button and a clarification popup will open up.



More information corcerning your spamscores can be found here.

Important Notice !  Links to landingpages which are not yet launched will not display properly.