The difference between the boxed templates and the wide templates explained.

  • In your standard template library you offer templates which are called _boxed but also _wide. What is the difference between these templates?
  • How can I adjust the background color of the different blocks.


What does it do?

We offer 2 different types of templates simply to offer a different functionality.


How does it work?

Both templates have exactly the same building blocks as well as the same structure. The only difference between both standard templates is the way you can adjust your colors.

The boxed templates only offers to adjust the background color of each content block.

The wide templates offers complete color adjusment possibilities of each content block.


Well let's explain this in a simple example.


We assume that you are able to create 2 creation, one from each standard template.

When you click the  icon of your block, you can start adjusting colors.

In both the wide and boxed example we clicked on the icon of the Article block ( the block with the 2 parrots )

The popup of a boxed block contains the following background color settings



The popup of a wide block contains the following background color settings




Now what is the difference, well it allows you to control the color-blocks as described below.

The Block Background color is the left & right regions of the block not containing any text or image



The Block Content Background color is the rest of the block




The wide templates allow you to control both  'pink' rectangles, while the boxed only allows you to control the middle rectangle ( the one from the image here above ).