How do I create a new HTML email?

We offer two ways of creation your new email, landingspage :

1. Normal creation module which creates your email ready to be launched inside a campaign

2. The full hands on wizard module which offers a step by step process from email creation through testing and as final step the launch of your campaign.

In this faq document we wil explain the normal creation module, the wizard module description can be found here !

a. When you arrive on the homepage in addemar, you have in the quick links tab a Create a New Emailicon, which directly brings you into the creation process of your email.


Image : Homepage - Wizard / quicklinks section

b. The next step ask you to choose the template on which the email will be based upon.

c. Once you have choosen your template, you need to choose the language, name and optional the description of your creation.

d.  If you have finished these prelimanary but mandatory steps, you have succesfully created your new Email creation.

e. Next step gives you our interactive email creation module where you can edit your email creation.