Custom templates and Addemar Style tags

When you have created custom templates, you need to pay attention that on the following. If you want end users in Addemar to adjust colours and fonts of this custom template you need to use the addemar style tags to specify the needed colours and fonts specifications.

The ADDEMARSTYLE tags are added to the style tags of the template. They permit to build a Colours & Fonts pop-up containing the styles of the template, where the user can easily change each of the values you have given to your styles.

ADDEMARSTYLE tags replace the value you define for your styles. An example:

<table bgcolor='#F0F0F0'>


<table bgcolor='<ADDEMARSTYLE type='color' name='table_background' value='#F0F0F0' />'>


The result in the Colours en Fonts pop-up is the following:



Users of your template can now change the background colour of this table. By default, they will see the value #003366, but they can change it using the colour picker.

Note: Once you replace a style value by an ADDEMARSTYLE tag, the style will not be visible anymore in the Dreamweaver preview.

You can use ADDEMARSTYLE tags both in .css definitions and in simple inline layout definitions. An example of the css definition of the body text:


body,td,th {

font-family: Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif;

font-size: 12px;color: #000000;}




body,td,th {font-family:

<ADDEMARSTYLE type=‘font-family’ name=‘body_text_font’ value=‘Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif’ />;

font-size: <ADDEMARSTYLE type=‘font-size’ name=‘body_text_font_size’ value=‘12px’ />;

color: <ADDEMARSTYLE type=‘font-family’ name=‘body_text_font’ value=‘#000000’ />;}


The result in the Colours en Fonts pop-up is the following:


Note that if you don't add these tags into your custom template, the colours and fonts popup will remain empty !!