How can you use our social media icons library

  • I want to adjust the social media images inside your social media block


What does it do?

We also offer a social media icon library. In the library we have 2 colours options :  coloured icons and grey icons.


How does it work?

Well you simple need to create a path towards the image as explained here below.


The path towards the library to use is : ( this is the url you need to paste + icon name )

      • <?add_url?>/images/templates/social_media/colour/
      • <?add_url?>/images/templates/social_media/grey/
    • The different available icons are :
      • google+.png
      • linkedin.png
      • vimeo.png
      • youtube.png
      • digg.png
      • dribbble.png
      • facebook.png
      • flickr.png
      • skype.png
      • twitter.png

for example :


<?add_url?>/images/templates/social_media/colour/facebook.png will give a blue icon

<?add_url?>/images/templates/social_media/grey/facebook.png will give a grey icon