How do I change the look and feel of my creation?

When you are working in the interactive preview, you can still change the colors and the fonts of the creation. Doing this, you will overrule the colours and fonts defined in the chosen template.

  1. When the interactive preview appears, click the  button.

  2. The Colors and fonts pop-up appears.


    Figure: Colors and fonts dialog

You can now:

    • Change a color:

      Tip: Double click a colour field. A colour selection bar opens up. Select a colour with your mouse cursor and click. The Hex-code of the chosen colour appears. To have more possibilities for colour selection, click the  icon at the end of the colour selection bar.
    • Change a font
    • Change a font size
    • Change a font weight (normal, bold, bolder, lighter)
      Note: The items that appear in this pop-up depend on the templates in your account.

Click the Save button to confirm your changes. The changes will be visible in the interactive preview.

Note: You can also change colours and fonts for all templates in the My Account layout settings.