Limit the number of contacts for a certain campaign

  • I want to send out my campaign to a specific number of contacts from my selection
  • Can I limit my recurrent campaign on daily basis with a fixed number of contacts that can be reached?


What does it do?

 We have installed a Limiter for our contact selection for normal campaigns as well as for recurrent campaigns. This allows you to limit the number of contacts to whom that specific campaign will be sent to.


How does it work?

To activate this feature please contact our helpdesk at

Once the feature is activated you'll have:

1. A contact limit box for normal campaigns.



In the box you'll need to input the maximum of contacts to whom this campaigns will be sent.

How can this be used?

In combination with the relaunch of your campaign, you could for example send out a campaign to 5000 contacts spread over 5 selection of 1000 people.

You'll need to relaunch this campaign 4 times with the limit set to 1000 contacts.


2. A contact limit box for the recurrency rule 'Every NEW contact in contactgroup'




This allows to define a daily limit for this recurrent campaign.

For example. I want to reach maximum 50 contacts for my recurrent campaign, you can set this limit to 50 contacts.


When there is NO limit filled in, there is NO limit set !