Avoid errors when launching to your segmented group! Build in an extra safety.

  • Nervous when launching a message that you segmented correctly?
  • prefer some extra safety built in the account to double check yourself and co-workers in the crucial phase of launching a message?

Put a custom filtering on your database !


What does it do?

The mailgroup filtering feature allows you to set up custom filters which will be applied when launching a campaign.

Let's use an example to explain: we want to set up a language filter to avoid a message in the wrong language is sent to a group of people.

Thanks to the custom language filter, you can only send Dutch campaigns to people who are flagged as a dutch speaking contacts inside your contacts database !

! At the moment only 2 kind of filters (unsubscribe and language filter) can be set up but we plan to add other options soon!


How does it work?

For now, Addemar will have to set the filter up in your account (by simply sending your request to your account manager). It will be available soon to set it up yourself.

Once the language filter is active for your account, the filter will consider the selected language in your creation to filter out unsuitable contacts automatically.


When launching you will see the filter being active:


Both filtered and unfiltered numbers are shown.

When this feature is activated, the Unsubscribers are automatically filtered out as well !