Easily send SMS campaigns to your contacts

  • Do you want to send out SMS messages/campaigns to your contacts
  • Use another medium like SMS to send out targeted messages

Our application offers you the ability to send out SMS campaign !

What does it do?

The SMS feature ( this feature needs to be activated, please contact your Account Manager or our Support team to activate this feature ) allows you to easily create and send out targeted SMS campaigns


Sending out an SMS campaign with our system basicly follows the following flow :

- You'll need a phone number to whom this SMS message wil be sent to.

- You'll need a message which will be sent out

- You need to launch the message to your selected contacts.

1. Let's start with the most import step, you need to have a valid phone number fieldsetup in your contact database.

To do this, navigate to Segment -> Fields

On that page all the already available fields are listed. If you already have a phone number field, you need to make sure that the type is set correct.  Click the edit icon ( the first from left ) inside your action column.

If you don't have a phone number field, you'll need to creat one.

Click the button in the upper right corner. This will open up the popup where you can create your field.

Inside the pop-up which you need to specify :

Name : the name of your field

Type : the type of your field, for the phone number you'll need to select the type phone number

Unique :  If your field is unique on contact basis, you need to select this checkbox

Required : If it is a required field, a mandatory field, please check this checkbox and during your import this field needs to be imported hence a error message is giving.

Description : The description of your field

Click add and the field will be created

2. Now you can create a NEW SMS creation which will be used inside your campaign.

To start your SMS creation, navigate to the Create -> SMS section

To create a NEW SMS message click the button and choose the template ( this is merely a placeholder which shows how the message will look like )


Once your template has been choosen, you'll need to specify the language, name of your SMS message / creation.


Once you have setup your creation, you will be able to edit the content of your creation by clicking the text.

 You can edit the text inside the popup.


Once your message is ready to be tested and launched. You can click the  and launch your campaign.