Use import profiles to easily match your import files with segment fields

  • have trouble matching the different formatted import files and fields into your segment fields?
  • Tired of repeating the same matching of fields when importing?
  • Want to formalize the importing flow throughout your organisation?


The feature import profile Is your answer.


What does it do?

You can save the matching you executed in order for yourself or others to use it the next time your do in import. It can be used for the situations described above.



1) start by importing a list that you use regularly (segment - contacts - import)


Once arrived in this section, you'll need to click the .

This opens up a popup where you need to select your file.


2a) creating a new import profile

In the second page, when you scroll down, you will discover the different fields in your import list summed up. You need to match those with the fields that already exist in Addemar (2). When you have finished, you give this matching its corresponding name (1).

Next time you or a colleagues needs to import from the same list or software, you will be able to use your import profile to do the exercise for you.


2b) import a list with an existing import profile

When importing you will only need to choose the mapping from a dropdownbox ( 1 ) and you'll notice that the mapping is correctly set (2) !


Where can you consult an overview of the different mappings available?

This result in the following available page