Restrict your subscription flow.

! Important:

1) This feature needs to be activated by Addemar upon your request (feature is included in your licence). Please contact your Account Manager.

2) This feature can only be used if you are working with subscription lists.

  •  Having trouble setting the correct visibility for your different subscription groups?
  • Want to limit unsubscription options to the absolute minimum?


You might it useful to restrict your subscription flow!


How does it it work (once activated)?

In the standard subscription mechanism, an unsubscriber will get an overview of all the subscription groups. He/she can then select/deselect every subscription groups displayed (so subscribe for one group while unsubscribing for another).

By the activation of this setting, your contacts will only have 2 options left: either unsubscribe from the corresponding subscription group or unsubscribe completely from your database.


An example

Standard flow versus restricted flow.

First you need to make sure you have subscription lists set up. 

In your segment page, the subscription lists are shown as highlighted in the screenshot


In the standard flow, when you launch an email to a single subscription list, the unsubscribe page looks like this:


With the restricted flow, the page will look like this (sent to the group promotional):

The 2nd subscription list NON Promotional will not be shown. It only gives your contact the option to unsubscribe for the list(s) that was(where) used.