Setup a personalized url for your landingpage

  • I want to launch a email marketing campaign with a subscription for, can I use a nicer url and personalize that form?

  • How can I get rid off the kryptic landingpage url and replace it with a better one


What does it do?

Our application offers the possibility to work with purls, which is short for personalized urls.

A personal URL (PURL) is a unique and personalized Landing Page created especially for each recipient of your direct mail or email marketing campaign.

for example : or

 Obviously mysite would be replace with your domain name

Typically, Personal URLs are used in conjunction with a direct mail campaign, or with email marketing.


How does it work?

First you'll need to have a landingpage inside our application which you will use a base page.

Second you'll need a nice domain name which redirect towards our application domain, this is probably a task for your domain administrator to set up.

As a third step you'll need to define the linking between the nice domain url and the landingpage, how this can be done is described here below.

Navigate to My Account - Personalized URLs

Once you have clicked this menu item, you arrive on the PURL setup page.

The setup a personalized url click the NEW in the top right corner of the page.

We offer 3 different purls :

  • Landingpage :  link your domain to a landingpage which can be personalized
  • Redirect :  Redirect your domain to an other url ( navigation url is lost )
  • Frameset : Redirect your domain to an other url without losing your domain url


The most know PURL which we offer is Landingpage. Let us explain you how easily you set this up.

  • First of all you'll need to setup a rdirect towards the addemar domain your account us residing on. You can check this in the url of your account. (f.e. or ). The redirect is a DNS setup, so most likely your network administrator needs to set this up.
  • Once the DNS is set up properly, you can start with using the 'nice' url and link it towards a application landingpage. Inside the PURL menu ( navigate like described here above ) click the NEW button, a popup will open up !



  •  Inside this popup you'll have to enter the following details :
    • Domain : The domain where the redirect toward your addemar server has been set up.
    • Page :  The page in that domain ( for example )
    • Redirect Landingpage : Here you can select the Addemar landingpage to where the domain needs to redirect to !


Let's set an example :

We have create a nice url for our webinars which is This domain redirect towards the server ( which is the server from where we sent out our communication about the webinars. )

In our communication account we have made a nice subscription page for these webinars.

With the PURL option inside our application we have set up the following


So in our email which linked towards the subscribe page, we simply made the following url<?firstname?>.<?lastname?>

Our contacts get a nice url like described here below

Which redirect the contact towards a subscribe page where we already fill in all the contacts details we find for John Doe.

This mechanism allows you to create nice personal urls and match it with the contact data inside our application.