Create your personalized holiday greetings postcard

  • can I sent personalized holiday greetings to all my contacts?
  • How can I send out holiday greetings postcards to my contacts?


What does it do?

We have build 2 straight-forward wizard modules for you where you can easily create both your email and postcard holiday greetings.

In this document we will focus on the holiday greetings postcard wizard.


How does it work?

Once you logged on to the addemar interface, you notice that you'll have 2 buttons on your homepage. One for each wizard.

Click the postcard holiday greetings button to start your holiday greetings postcard wizard.

The wizard follows the step-by-step principle. For the postcard wizard we have 5 simple steps :

  • Welcome step : In the welcome step you need to choose whether you start from a fresh wizard or an existing one.
  • Template step : In the template step you can choose between the different holiday greetings postcard templates we have build for you. 
  • Content step : In the content step you define which content and/or images are used.
  • Recipients step : In the recipients step you define the contacts for which the postcard needs to be generated.
  • Overview step : In the overview step we provide a preview of the postcard, contact(s) overview and a notification email setup module.


Let's go through the different steps.

1. The Welcome step

The welcome step is quite simple, you can start fresh with a new wizard or work further on an existing one. 

If you start fresh, you'll be presented with a campaign name text box to fill in and a language dropdown.

If you want to work further on a existing one, you need to select this campaign from the presented dropdown box.


2. Select your template

The second step provides you the available holiday greetings postcard templates we have made for you.

Click on the template you want to use.

 3. Edit the content

 In this step you can edit the content of your selected holiday greetings postcard.

To edit the content click the sections inside the interactive preview and an editor window will popup.

We strongly advise to use personalized content.

Should you have question concerning this don't hesitate to contact our support helpdesk at to guide you !



4. Select your contacts.

In the recipients step you need to select your contact group for which the holiday greetings postcard needs to be personalized or import a csv / xls file which contains the needed information.

5. Overview

In the overview step we provide you a high level overview of your holiday greetings postcard campaign.

If you want to receive a notification email with a link towards the generated pdf, you need to fill in the notification email field.


When you launch the campaign, the application will redirect towards the evaluate section.

Now this holiday greetings postcard wizard differs from an email campaign.

The launch will start the merge process which will make the personalized postcard for each of your selected contacts.

Once finished a link is presented where you can download the pdf file with the personalized postcards which can be delivered to your print-partner.


For more questions don't hesitate to our helpdesk at