Our new social media block

  • How can I change the social media channels in my emails?
  • Can I add / re-order / remove icons from the social media block?


What does it do?

In our new creation process, which is described here in detail, we offered you different social media block.

We now optimised this block which enables you to : 

  • re-arrange the icons order of the different icons with drag and drop
  • select the social media channels which are shown
  • use different icons stacks

How does it work?

Your social media channels are managed on account level.  How you can manage these channels is described here. We have added 2 more channels being Instragram and Pinterest

The new social media block generates its icons based upon the social media channels which are filled in at account level.

Let's give an example.

We have filled in these channels at account level.



If we then start a new creation based upon the Articles_boxed template, you'll notice that the contact block ( in the footer of the mail ) contains 5 social medial channels icons.



When you click these social media icons, you'll get a popup where you can manage the content of the block.



What can you change :

1.  Change the order of the icons

2. Change the icon style and the size of your icons.

3. Change which channels are shown.


Check the short video ( 1 minute ) below how you can adapt this social media block to your needs.