How do I manage my Agency Account?

In the My Account section, you can alter the basics of your account.

Here you can:

  • define default e-mail settings

  • access your recycle bin

  • manage the users of your account

  • read and send notes

  • see an overview of all scheduled tasks

When you open the section Accounts in the Master environment, you see an overview containing all your active accounts:

  • Your master account (also called "parent account")

  • Your active child accounts (also called "customer accounts" or "subaccounts")

The empty slots in the overview indicate the number of child accounts you are allowed to create. Click the  icon to create a new account.

Note: The number of accounts you are allowed to create depend on your license.

Figure: Agency master: start page with Accounts overview

For each account, you see the following information:


Full name of the account.

Account login

Short name of the account, used as first element in the account url (


Type of account. Your master account is an Agency Master or a Retail Master, your child accounts are Agency childs or Retail childs. Child accounts of any type can be called Standard too.

Mails sent

Total number of e-mails sent by this account. For the master: total mails sent by this account and its child accounts.


An account can be temporarily disabled (Yes).

Valid until

End date of validity of this account.

Created on

Date on which the account was created.


On each account you can perform the following actions:

Edit properties

Click this icon to edit the properties of this account and its owner.

Log in as

Click this icon to log in as this account.

Send note to child account

Click this icon to send a note to this child account.

Delete account

Click this icon to delete the account. A confirmation will be asked.

Attention! Deleting accounts is permanent. All creations, templates, settings and campaign results will be lost.


From this screen, you can also:

  • start creating a new account. Click the  button.

  • reset an account. Click the  button.

  • send a note. Click the   button.