How do I manage my library?

In the library you can store and manage all the images and other files you want to use in your creations. Images can be integrated in your creations; for other files such as PDF and Microsoft Office files, a file link can be inserted.  

So in the Library, you can:

  • Upload a file

  • Upload an image

  • Manage templates:

- Create a template
- Upload and manage your custom templates: Custom templates appear between the standard Addemar templates in the first step of creating a new e-mail or a new landing page.
- Preview a template
- Download a template
- Delete a template


Note: the files and templates you store in the library are stored on the Addemar server, but no one except the users of your account have access to your files.

Tip: if you want to upload lots of images or files, you can use connect to the FTP server to upload.