What's the advantage of uploading images to my library via an FTP?

The advantage of uploading via an FTP, is that you can upload more files faster, and manage them more easily (drag and drop) later.

The FTP can be used to import contacts too.

You will create an FTP user, and use the user name and password to connect to a specific FTP server via an FTP access tool.

To create an FTP user:

  1. Go to the My Account section and open the Users folder.

  2. Click the  button. The New FTP user dialog opens up.

  3. Your FTP account is still disabled. You see already the URL and the username that you will use to connect to the FTP account. Fill in a password you would like to use for connecting to your FTP account.

  4. Click Save to enable the FTP account. The FTP user appears in your users overview.

  5. Click the  icon to see all characteristics of your FTP user:

    Figure: Create FTP user to have access to the Addemar FTP server

  6. Use this FTP server URL, username and password to connect to the FTP using an FTP application.

  7. You can drag and drop files to the following folders:

    • File - for all files you want to make file links to

    • Image - for all images

    • Flash - for all flash files you want to insert in landing pages.

    • Media - for all media files you want to insert in landing pages.

    • Templates - for all images used in the templates (img src="<?add_userdata?>"); to upload templates to the library you should use the upload template function.

    • Import - for all .csv files you want to be able to import in the Addemar contacts database