More flexibility for your marketing campaigns

  • Can I move/change template blocks in a flexible way?
  • Can we easily create a mobile responsive email creation?


What does it do?

Click the video below to get a quick glance what this new feature can do for you.



How does it work?

Choose your template and start your creation.

We offer 6 new Mobile Responsive templates !


*The difference between the boxed templates and the wide templates is described here.


All these templates have the same building blocks available, but differ in structure.

If you hover over any block, you see the following buttons.


Select a next block of your choice (ranging from article blocks to photo blocks with 4 images, etc.).
Duplicate your current selected block.
Customise the format of your block (if you don’t do this, the block just keeps the standard colours of your house style).
Move your block to the desired place with the arrows.
Delete your selected block.


Choose from the various building blocks to arrive at your desired campaign.

If you click on the icon, you get an overview of the possible blocks at that location.

Click on your selected block and it’s added to your creation.

Should you want to get an overview of all the standard blocks, they are described here.

Specify your design block by block by using the following icon
You then get a popup with the following options


In this block you can adjust :

  • Adjust the background colour of that block
  • Title Text layout
  • Text layout