Quickly get an overview on the success of your campaigns

  • I need a monthly overview of which campaigns I have sent out, and I need to have the high level statistics of these campaigns.
  • I need a report for my management, to rate our marketing campaigns.


What does it do?

In our application, you have the ability to see your monthly campaign overview. We have added an export function, which allows you to export campaign overview details. The export will contain a bit more campaign data then the overview in the interface.


How does it work?

In our application, you'll need to navigate to My Account – Overview.

This overview shows you a monthly, high level overview of your marketing campaign send by our application.


This gives the following data :

  • How many email campaigns are sent out
  • How many email in total were sent with these campaigns
  • If Print and/or SMS is activated, we offer the same columns as for emails
  • The number of contacts which also have addresses used with the different campaigns.


In order to get your monthly overview, you can click on the month. This will result in a similar page.


In the month overview, you get the results of different campaigns, which we send out.

In the box with the number 1 you get the standard messages (like report mails, double opt-in mails, etcetera ) which were sent by our application.

Here is a helpful tip. You can export this list to an Excel file. Click the export button in the top right corner. Once you have clicked the export button, you'll get the option in the screen to export only launched campaign or not launched campaigns.



This will result into an export ( available in your notes inbox ) that looks like the following file.

This export will allow you to quickly see the success of your campaigns !