Easily archive old creations, contact groups and campaigns.

  • Too many email creations, campaign evaluations to keep a good overview?
  • Giant numbers of contactlists?
  • Is it time to start organising in your account?


Archiving will better organize your creations, contactgroups and campaign items.


What does it do?

It will move certain creations, contact groups and or evaluation campaigns to an archiving location. They will be removed from your current directory structure and placed under a seperate menu item, Archive.



There are different options: either manual archiving or automatic, described below. For automatic archiving, you need to activate the feature according to your preferences (this is on account level, not on user level!).


  1. Activate the archiving settings to activate automatic archiving:

Go to My Account - Settings - Preferences - Archiving (last page)


In this tab you can activate archiving your creations and/or your contact groups and/or your campaigns.

All these section archiving options have the same functionality, you can choose between the following settings:

1. Automatically archive : Yes or No.

This activates or deactivates the archive option.

2. Only Archive Older than :  1 <-> 11 Months or 1 year or 2 years

Once the archiving is activated, it will archive everything older than the chosen timing

3. Organize by Month ( YYYYMM ) or Quarter Year ( YYYYQN )or Year ( YYYY )

The archive per section can be organised in the selected folder options.

4. Use folders : Yes or No

When this option is active, your created folders are taken over in the archiving

5. Remove empty folder : Yes or No

Empty folders will be removed when this option is put to Yes

6. Exception prefix : Items with this prefix will not be archived.

7. Exception suffix : Items with this suffix will not be archived.

Note : Archiving runs every night. On first activation the archive will be created and executed the following night.

Note : These settings are also used for the Single Item archive action ( described above in this topic )


   2.  Archiving a single creation, a single contactgroup or campaign item manually

This is very easy. Have a look at the following example.

An example :

Open your email creations ( Click the create menu open and click on Emails. )


If you click this icon, you get a confirmation popup.

Click Yes to archive the creation.

If yes is clicked, go to Archive - Creations menu to see where your creation is archived to.

This can be done for Creations, Contactgroups and Campaign Items.

Please be aware that the folder structure of the archive section is determined inside the Account Setting for archiving. Described above.