Target your subscribers with advanced segmentation !

Inside our application we have the possibility to create segmented list or, as we call them, dynamic groups.

These dynamic contact groups are composed by rules which select, each time, the contacts that reply to these rules.

When you create a dynamic contact group, you create rules to select contacts. 
Each time you use a dynamic contact group, contacts are selected based on those rules.

Note: the same rules selector is used to define the target public of your campaign.

 Here we have an example rule which can be made inside our application.


Create a dynamic or segmented group

  • Go to the Segment section and open the Contact groups section.
  • In the top right corner, click the  button
  • This will open a popup, choose the name of your list/segment and in the type choose dynamic

  •   Once the group is created, you'll be able to setup your segment rules


To formulate rules for your list:

  • Go to the Segment section and open the Contact groups section.

  • Click the  icon next to the contact group you want to edit. The Edit rules dialog opens up.

  • Create one or more conditions with the available operators. The number of contacts that matches these rules is shown.

  • You can combine different conditions using a separator.

  •  Rows can be altered / moved by using the following actions :


Add a new empty segmentation filter

Move your block to the desired place with the arrows.
Delete your selected block.


  • Click the Save button to save the rules. Click No to discard the changes.



This allows you to create powerfull segments which can be used to target !

To formulate rules for a dynamic contact group, keep in mind that:

  • Each row contains a condition which the results should meet.

Some examples of conditions:


  Type Operator Value
"Living in Hasselt" Postal = 3500
"all telenet accounts" email contains
"in contact group" In 'contact groupname'    
"not in contact group" NOT in 'contact groupname'    
"age between 16 and 20" Age > 16
Age < 20


WARNING : AND in combination with OR only works like shown below




and not like shown here



If you need questions concerning this segmentation don't hesitate to contact us at